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Bar Artisanal
Architectural Design / Interior Design The vast space and distinctive materials -- stone, steel, brass, mirrors -- reflects both the classic turn-of-the-century food market that inspires the restaurant's cuisine and TriBeCa's history as an industrial district dominated by warehouses, all infused with a sense of humor and animation. With a distorted geometry, featuring unexpected contrasts in black and white, 20-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and iron latticework covering the ceiling and monumental columns, Bar Artisanal is theatrical in scale and details. Moments of playfulness are carefully designed throughout the space, like its back-lit rooftop illusion and floor to ceiling mirrored walls in the dining room and bathrooms.

The space is divided into distinct areas for a variety of experiences. It's a mix of modern and traditional, sophisticated and dramatic while being warm and inviting. These include a relaxed, almost-decadent space around a brass bar with a back lit iron curtain as a backdrop. A large Jamón & Queso Bar where guests can enjoy a front-row view of the striking earth-stone hearth. And the main dining area illuminated by the glow of three grand and distinct, custom-made deconstructed chandeliers. Project principals / Elle Kunnos and Albert Angel

Clients / Chef Terrance Brennan, Shaol Natan and Jeremy Casilli