The interior design takes its cues from Art Deco, with geometric elements, motifs and compositions throughout the space. An overall bold graphic treatment of symmetrical patterns is juxtaposed with exotic plants and velvet drapes, creating a theatrical backdrop of 1920s flair.

The overall color scheme is bold in contrast with cream colored sunburst art-deco jewelry inspired wall sconces adorning the black onyx walls throughout the space. At the center of of a large sunburst fan with mirror clad columns a long bar in a high gloss black lacquer finish greets guests as they enter.

Overlooking the main room the champagne balcony features velvet curtain drapes and lighter pastels- in a Gatsby inspired garden like composition. The main room with its dramatic high ceilings has a skyscraper inspired symmetrical pattern of stripes and mirrors all around with a back-lit geometric centerpiece as the focal point behind the DJ booth. The disco-lights are complemented by three jewel like hanging light fixtures, in bright colors of ruby, sapphire and emerald.

The club also showcases an on-premises Tobacco Shoppe and general store providing patrons with any needful thing for a night on the town. Designed to stand out on its own the Tobacco Shoppe has walls and ceiling in an over-sized harlequin pattern of rich raspberry, black and pale green as a backdrop to the black shop counter and shelving. The shop features tobacco sundries, cigars, headbands, top hats, matches, lighters, cigarette holder and candy.