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Park Lane Residence / Beijing
Architectural design / Interior design / Brand Identity

The Park Lane Residence Boutique Hotel is located a block away from the entrance to the forbidden city in Beijing. In turning this old siheyuan / Chinese Quadrangle dwelling into a high-end boutique hotel we worked closely with local artist and craftsmen to ensure that the original wood carvings and details where restored or re-created where needed. Most of the original woodwork had been destroyed and the structure altered over the years.

The design concepts and layout are based on the Chinese traditional concepts of the five elements and the Feng shui system of aesthetics. Each room is modeled according to the principles of placement in relation to the cardinal directions and the courtyard is made into an open-air living room. The rooms are furnished with antiques from different regions of China and the art work is a selection of contemporary Chinese art curated seasonally. The hotel caters to the uncompromising traveler who want a unique insight and access to Beijing and the Chinese culture.